Ali – Townsend Design & Print

Ali from Townsend Design & Print based in Melksham Wiltshire attended one of our First Aid training courses and has informed us that she recently had to put her training into practice.

Ali was visiting her parents when her Mum suddenly took ill. She heard her Dad scream and ran into the lounge where she found her Mum sat in a chair having what appeared to be a fit and then passed out. Her Dad who is normally a cool customer went to pieces and so piled on the pressure.

Ali reacted well checking Mums airways and breathing, gradually she came round was able to respond. Mum showed signs of having had a Stroke and Ali used the FAST test to help her decide if this was right as she had her doubts. She had got Dad to call for an Ambulance and was managing her Mum when the First Responders arrived and took over. After a hospital visit it turned out that Mum had in fact had a Diabetic Hypo.

Ali said having attended the First Aid course it gave her the knowledge, skills and most of all the confidence to deal with what was a very scary situation. Prior to the course Ali was nervous about attending but because it was run in a relaxed way the nerves soon vanished and she enjoyed herself.

Ali’s message to EFA is simply “Thank you”.